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  • CaImAn: Calcium Imaging data Analysis. A framework for the analysis of large scale two- and one- photon calcium imaging datasets. It provides efficient routines for motion correction, source separation, spike deconvolution and merging of sessions across days. It comes in two flavors, CaImAn batch and CaImAn online, that solve the above mentioned preprocessing problems in a single batch or frame by frame respectively. Both Python and Matlab implementations are available.
  • Online Subpace Learning. A framework for online dimensionality reduction that incrementally estimates the top K-dimensional principal subspace of streamed data while keeping in memory only the last sample and the current iterate. Software implementations in Matlab and Python.
  • NNQP. Efficient numba based implementation of a nonnegative quadratic programming solver.
  • Calblitz. A minimalistic suite for the analysis of calcium imaging data (now deprecated, see CaImAn)


Andrea Giovannucci’s github page

NEL-lab github page