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Your brain processes every action, thought, and feeling that compose your conscious and subconscious experience. Billions of neurons (processing units) and trillions of synapses (connections) allow this miracle to happen every day, but very little is known about the computational and biological properties of this complex machine.

The neural engineering laboratory (NEL) studies how different learning and sensing mechanisms interact within the brain, with the final goal of developing neural prostheses to recover lost motor or cognitive functions.

The laboratory research is both experimental and computational, with strong emphasis on optical brain imaging and machine learning applied to data analysis. The NEL lab develops tools for simultaneous recording, modulation and real time extraction of neural dynamics at different brain locations and scales. We support open-source and open-science, therefore distributing our tools as free resources for the scientific community.

Available postdoctoral positions in the lab

Selected Publications


Giovannucci, A., Friedrich, … & Pnevmatikakis, E. A. (2018). CaImAn: An open source tool for scalable Calcium Imaging data Analysis. eLife. In Press. Python and Matlab Software. Article.

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